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Computer - Multimedia Classes
November 26, 2016
Country: Pakistan
Region: Punjab
City: Multan
City area: Multan
Address: Pakistan

1. Introduction
2. Setting up an Android Studio Development Environment
3. Creating an Example Android App in Android Studio
4. A Tour of the Android Studio User Interface
5. Creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio
6. Testing Android Studio Apps on a Physical Android Device
7. The Basics of the Android Studio Code Editor
8. An Overview of the Android Architectur
9. The Anatomy of an Android Application
10. Understanding Android Application and Activity Lifecycle
11. Handling Android Activity State Changes
12. Android Activity State Changes by Example
13. Saving and Restoring the State of an Android Activity
14. Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layout
15. A Guide to the Android Studio Designer Tool
16. Designing a User Interface using the Android Studio Designer Tool
17. Creating an Android User Interface in Java Cod
18. Using the Android GridLayout Manager in Android Studio Designer
19. Working with the Android GridLayout using XML Layout Resources
20. An Overview and Example of Android Event Handling
21. Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling
22. Detecting Common Gestures using the Android Gesture Detector Class
23. Implementing Custom Gesture and Pinch Recognition on Android
24. An Introduction to Android Fragments
25. Using Fragments in Android Studio - An Example
26. An Android Studio Master/Detail Flow Tutorial
27. Creating and Managing Overflow Menus on Android
28. Animating User Interfaces with the Android Transitions Framework
29. An Android Transition Tutorial using beginDelayedTransition
30. Implementing Android Scene Transitions – A Tutorial
31. An Overview of Android Intent
32. Android Explicit Intents – A Worked Example
33. Android Implicit Intents – A Worked Example
34. Android Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers
35. A Basic Overview of Android Threads and Thread Handlers
36. An Overview of Android Started and Bound Services
37. Implementing an Android Started Service – A Worked Example
38. Android Local Bound Services – A Worked Example
39. Android Remote Bound Services – A Worked Example
40. An Overview of Android SQLite Databases
41. An Android TableLayout and TableRow Tutorial
42. An Android SQLite Database Tutorial
43. Understanding Android Content Providers
44. Implementing an Android Content Provider in Android Studio
45. Accessing Cloud Storage using the Android Storage Access Framework
46. An Android Storage Access Framework Example
47. Implementing Video Playback on Android using the VideoView and Media Controller Classes
48. Video Recording and Image Capture on Android using Camera Intents
49. Android Audio Recording and Playback using Media Player and Media Recorder
50. Working with the Google Maps Android API in Android Studio
51. Printing with the Android Printing Framework
52. An Android HTML and Web Content Printing Example
53. A Guide to Android Custom Document Printing
54. Handling Different Android Devices and Displays
55. Signing and Preparing an Android Application for Release
56. Integrating Google Play In-app Billing into an Android Application
57. An Overview of Gradle in Android Studio
58. An Android Studio Gradle Build Variants Example

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